Princess Diana's Iconic Wedding Dress

We are so excited because today we are tapping into the most closely guarded secret in fashion history - the princess Diana wedding dress!

Back in the day, it was all the rage. Lady Di got married to Prince Charles in 1981 and the whole royal wedding was live for millions to watch. But before the wedding itself, no one had a clue what this iconic dress would look like! In fact, the talented husband and wife duo David and Elizabeth Emanuel even made a backup design sketch in case the original one would be discovered by the public. Luckily it was kept safe and in secret with security, so she got to wear it, and now we get to see its grandeur displayed in Kensington Palace. Weirdly enough, the second dress design that was created - mysteriously vanished! According to the designer sources, it was slightly different, with a more plunging V neckline and without lace.

Already feeling intrigued to learn more? Here are 7 fun facts about lady Diana’s wedding dress:

1. Lavish Design

The princess Diana wedding dress had so much fabric that looked incredibly lavish and majestic. It was made of ivory taffeta and wonderfully adorned with impressively 10.000 pearls, sequins, and frilled lace. Because of this incredible array of adornments and fabric used, its value was estimated to be $115.000. The designer David wanted her to feel the transition of going in as a lady and coming out as a princess. This perfectly fitted the opulence and grandeur of St.Paul’s cathedral. Princess Diana’s wedding dress train was 25 feet long which added to her graceful appearance. We are loving the fact that it oozes with that typical 80s charm with romantic overblown flair!

2. Too grand for the coach

So much fabric proved to be difficult to be stuffed in the coach! That was a bit unfortunate because as lady Di was going to make an entrance, her dress got completely wrinkled. This was caused because she had to fold it over and over and over to be able to get and sit in the royal coach next to prince Charles.

3. Historical elements

There was a special piece of lace that was intertwined into the princess Diana wedding dress that once belonged to Queen Mary. Even though it was an accidental find and probably in a bag of scraps, this tied Diana to her royal history and nobility. Furthermore, she wore a tiara that had belonged to her Spencer family, dating back to the 18th century. Princess Diana’s veil was attached to this tiara and believe it or not, it was even longer than the train of her dress!

4. Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue

She chose to stick with tradition so a little blue bow was sewn in the part of the wristband. Also, we love that there was a small horseshoe charm attached. It was finely done with gold & diamonds, meant to be a token for good luck!

5. A proof that nothing is perfect when planning a wedding nor on the day itself!

Lady Diana’s wedding dress had to be altered for the day because she had lost a lot of weight. She actually went from a 26-inch waist to a 23, so the dress had to be sewn into her dress. Furthermore, on the day, she spilled perfume which made a stain on the dress but she was quick to hide it by tucking the front of her dress in!

6. The shoes

We would all agree that the shoes were truly a piece of art! And as you know, any art requires time to be made, so in this case, that period was 6 months. Adorned with 132 pearls and 542 sequins, these silk designer shoes were a wonderful tribute to historical allure and glamour!

7. To whom lady Di left the dress?

According to her will, the bridal gown was to be passed to her two sons, William and Harry; once Harry would be 30 years old.

Did you enjoy these fun facts about the princess Diana wedding dress? It was an incredible design that left an impression upon millions, so even today, it deserves its own spotlight. Browse through our store and book an appointment so we can tailor your own fairytale princess look!