Simple Wedding Hairstyles & Makeup Trends for Brides (2021)

Aside from choosing the perfect wedding gown, choosing the right hairstyle and makeup are also important things to consider. By right, we mean something that reflects your personality and style. Hair is a bride's greatest ornament, but you don't need to go overboard with your hair. Simple wedding hairstyles and makeup can go a long way with a unique bridal gown. As a bride, you should style your hair in a way that would tie together your whole bridal look. We've compiled a list of hairstyles and makeup that would fit your preferred gown. Hopefully, these ideas will help you decide which one suits you best since all of the dresses are also available in our bridal shop in San Francisco!

Bridal hairstyle
1. Sleek and natural When you have a gorgeous mesh bridal gown like this, you just have to completely give the spotlight to it by choosing to just let your natural hair do its thing. Despite being so simple, this hairstyle exudes a romantic vibe when used with this hourglass-fitted dress. So be unapologetically you and let those beautiful tresses shine as they are.

2. Beachy waves
Mermaid-like hair made for a mermaid-like bridal dress just sets a whole bridal look. This simple wedding hairstyle instantly gives you effortlessly gorgeous features. By giving just enough volume to your hair, it balances the sweeping mermaid silhouette and doily lace train of your bridal gown. We guarantee that you'll be a breathtaking sight.

3. Slicked-back hair Classy and elegant.
This one perfectly suits a vintage-inspired long wedding dress. When wearing a sweetheart-neckline, draped-sleeve bridal outfit, this simple style could instantly draw attention to your neckline. This hairdo will give you that sophisticated semblance that is perfect for your elegant wedding.

4. Side-swept curls
Among all the simple wedding hairstyles, this must be one of the most requested by brides. We understand that this is hard to pass up since it brings you back to the old Hollywood glamour. This side-swept curl hairstyle is timeless and lovely. Pair it with an ethereal lace gown, and you will feel like all your bridal dreams just came true on your wedding day.

5. Ponytail with soft curls
Exude class with one of the simple wedding hairstyles that perfectly suits a designer wedding dress. Feel like a Disney princess with this low scooped-back lace dress and perfectly ponytailed hair. At the same time, this style draws more attention to your face. It's the ultimate combination of a perfect gown with the perfect hairstyle for the perfect bride.

Bridal Makeup Looks

1. Fresh and youthful
Brides should feel like their best selves on their wedding day. Feeling fresh and youthful no matter what is the key. You can use doll-like lashes to become younger in an instant. To have a super fresh demeanor, use peach-colored makeup for your lids and matte peach lipstick to finish the look.

2. Monochromatic
Opting for monochromatic colors for your makeup can make your entire facade complete. Neutral makeup could easily complement your skin tone and fit any bridal dress there is.

3. Ethereal
You can leave a magical impression by going for an ethereal look. Ask your makeup artist to put lavish lashes to make your eyes appear animated, shimmer to achieve a dreamy effect, light blush to accent your feminine complexion, and popsicle-stained lips fit for a kiss.

4. Romantic and sultry
Use a mixture of old rose and smokey brown colors for a romantic and sultry vibe that will fit your body-hugging dress. For sure, you'll feel sophisticated and elegant with this kind of makeup.

5. Barely-there
Let your facial features shine. If you are looking for makeup that best represents you, then this is the one for you. Just have the lightest shade for your lids, curled lashes, brushed-up brow, and the perfect MLBB, and you're ready for your special day.

As a bride, whatever you choose from these simple wedding hairstyles and makeup looks, it all boils down to what best represents your authentic self. If you're still having trouble deciding, maybe you just need to find the perfect dress first. We have all kinds of dresses for you to try! Book an appointment in our bridal shop so you can start planning your hair and makeup.