Pronovias Now at Bridal Breeze

After receiving so many questions about Pronovias dresses in our little adorable bridal shop, we hear you and we have made it happen! So now we are so excited to announce that  YES! Now Pronovias will be available at Bridal Breeze! 

Since we started this wonderful journey, quality and elevated service have always been our primary goals. With thankfulness in our hearts, we are also pleased to announce that now we are also one of the TOP 3 bridal shops in San Francisco. We’ve been hearing so much incredible news as of late and we are definitely excited about what the future holds! But today, we are taking a moment to savor the fact that we are part of Pronovias San Francisco, and we will talk about this iconic bridal brand and its style.

We opened our shop with one goal only: to help you find your dream wedding dress, and we have been working tirelessly and passionately to make it all happen. During our research, we strive to find the best possible high-quality gowns for you, so having Pronovias wedding dresses was only a matter of time. With a huge collection of breathtaking, elegant, and sensual designs ranging in many styles and silhouettes, we are confident that you will be easily swept away. Not only do they curate everything beautifully, but they also do it with diligence and attention to detail. The fact that they chose us to be their Pronovias Bridal Shop San Francisco makes us incredibly proud because this is a sign of impeccable quality!

The roots of the Pronovias Group date backto 1922, starting as a family business in Barcelona, Spain. They became prominent in 1964 when Alberto Palatchi Ribera joined and the first prêt-a-porter wedding collection was presented. This collection actually enabled bridal gowns to be accessible to all women, which was quite revolutionary! In the last 50 years, Pronovias wedding dresses have been worn by brides in more than 105 countries in the world! Isn’t that impressive?

If you are looking for luxury intertwined with elegance and feminine class, then prepare to be amazed by Pronovias. Their designs are specially tailored to fit the vision of the fashion-forward bride. Their forte is that they offer an amazing variety of styles for elegant, classic, romantic, modern, and bold brides. You can find everything from princess-cut dresses to awe-inspiring mermaid silhouettes, from modern, sophisticated designs to the opulent romantic allure made of the highest quality silk, tulle, and lace. What is admirable is their artistry with gorgeous lace and the ability to use the perfect silhouette to flawlessly complement your feminine line. Plus they also have soft and subtle colors, and if you would need any alterations, we would be glad to be of help to seamlessly fit your Pronovias wedding dress.

They Shape the Bridal Trends
What is to be admired is the fact that the Pronovias group is a trendsetter. They literally shape yearly trends! So being a part of Pronovias San Francisco is a huge honor for us and a great privilege. Their collections have been a leading inspiration for many other designers and it is no wonder that their gowns have long been sought after. Of course, as we are one of the Pronovias Bay Area, we can offer you some spectacular designs for your most important day! 
Whatever vision they have, it is perfectly translated into a fashion-forward dress that is both timeless and contemporary. Trust us, it is highly unlikely not to find your ideal gown because they have literally everything for anyone’s preferences.

If you are looking for Pronovias San Francisco, now you can easily browse their designs on our website here, or come to our charming little shop and let us spoil you with the collection of Pronovias gorgeous dresses! If you allow us, we will help you find the perfect one while keeping your style, shape, size, theme, and preferences in mind. We live to serve your bridal vision and we would be honored to become a part of your special day. Looking forward to welcoming you to Bridal Breeze, now a part of the few Pronovias California shops!