Finding the best bridal shop in San Francisco

Congratulations, you’re engaged!

Now, it’s time to choose your wedding dress. How exciting! We know that this may seem like a whole new world to you – there’s a lot to take in. From different styles of dresses to their shape, texture, and silhouette, it’s almost impossible to walk into a bridal shop and know exactly what you want.

Of course, you probably have a Pinterest board or some clippings from bridal magazines, but chances are, they all look pretty different. Although having the inspiration is handy, looking at too many different dresses over and over again may just leave you feeling confused.

Pinterest problems 

Here’s the biggest problem that we see when brides are shopping for wedding dresses : they have all of these images in their Pinterest boards that have beautiful models all done up with professional makeup and lighting in a dress that has been perfectly tailored (and likely photoshopped) to their body.

The issue you might have with this is that the image you’re looking at rarely translates into reality. Many brides find themselves disappointed when they come to bridal shops and try on their favorite dress that they saw on Pinterest because it is hard to recreate the flawless environment that the model is photographed in.

Finding the best Bridal Shop in San Francisco

If you’re just starting out on your wedding dress search, use the following guide for finding the best bridal shop in San Francisco:

Check for online booking – The old school way of calling and scheduling an appointment is time-consuming. There is always the chance that you have to leave a message and wait for a call back, if it ever comes. Online booking streamlines the process and provides you with reminders leading up to your appointment.

Check reviews – Make sure that the bridal shop you are going to has an incredible reputation and very good reviews on Yelp. This is how you will find the best bridal shop in San Francisco. Many brides go to their bridal fitting appointment and don’t receive a personalized experience. You deserve a bridal consultant who will listen to you and your needs without being pushy. The best bridal shop will have consultants that are patient and allow you, the bride, to ultimately make your own decision.

Ask about their process – bridal shops have samples which might not be exactly your size. This means the bridal consultant will have to pin-clip the wedding dress around you to show how the dress will look once it has been altered. Check with the wedding boutique ahead of time to see what sizes are available in the bridal dresses you want to try on.

Also check what their lead time is for dress alterations. Many bridal shops will tell you that the lead time for your wedding dress is 4-6 months (some cases, 8 months!) which means you should have started looking for a wedding dress last year!

Here at Bridal Breeze wedding boutique, our lead time is only 1-2 months! If you need the dress even faster, we will do everything in our power to get it to you ASAP.

Check their inventory – A lot of the time, dresses are very similar from bridal shop to bridal shop in San Francisco, which makes finding a unique wedding dress difficult. Make sure the bridal shops you are going for have different designers.

For example, Bridal Breeze partners with European designers who create dresses exclusively for us! You will never find another wedding dress in the Bay Area that is identical to one at Bridal Breeze.

Are you ready to say yes to the dress?

Finding the best bridal shop in San Francisco isn’t easy. If you think that the perfect combination of a cozy bridal shop with personalized service and high-quality, unique dresses is out of your price range, think again!

Here at Bridal Breeze, we will make your wedding dress shopping experience both memorable AND affordable with gowns moderately priced from $900-2,600.

If you’re interested in shopping at Bridal Breeze, please contact us with any questions or use our online booking portal to set an appointment. See you soon!