Everything you need to know about planning your wedding day

Your wedding is the most awaited and important occasion of your life. And undoubtedly it triggers an adrenaline rush as there are concerns regarding getting everything organized on time. Whether you want a simple, or a lavish celebration you must plan everything meticulously for your big day to avoid any last-minute hassles. So, we want to help you plan your big day with the help of our wedding planning guide.

This guide will let you keep your excitement levels high as you keep moving through your wedding planning checklist. We would recommend you to go through it step by step so you don't get overwhelmed during the process. 

What are the essential steps to planning your wedding day?

When it comes to planning your wedding, first prepare a checklist of to-do tasks and make sure to follow them in order. A well-defined checklist ensures a seamless and stress-free wedding planning execution. Here is the list of tasks along with the timelines that you should plan step by step to ensure your big day is a success.

Six to Twelve Months Before the Wedding

  • Define Budget
One of the first things you should consider when planning for your wedding day is the budget. If you can define an estimated budget you can set the rest of the planning process in action. So sit down with your partner and family members to come up with a number. Once you have this clarity, you can split it as per your services or vendors' requirements. Not making a budget can lead to a lot of financial stress which can be a cause of anxiety and disappointment in the later stages.

  • Prepare your Guest List
When thinking of planning your wedding day, come up with an estimated guest count. So before you start browsing the venues, get an idea of how many guests you are going to host. It may not be the final list but an estimation would be helpful as it can determine if the venue you are choosing is spacious enough to host the number of guests you want in attendance.

  • Narrow down the dates
Discuss with your partner and choose a few potential wedding dates before you start looking at the venues. Check out the best dates and take into account the holidays, your work schedules, etc. Having specific dates in mind will be helpful during the venue selection process.

  • Choose a venue
Now you have the budget, estimated guest count, and selected dates in mind, you can choose a wedding venue. You can visit different venues in person to find your dream wedding location. But before you start hunting for the perfect place, understand what you both wish to plan or expect from your wedding. Consider the important factors such as if you want to have a venue with accommodation or a place that offers consolidated services through their vendors or if you would like to have your own vendors like caterers etc. All these will help determine your choice.

  • Book vendors
You must hire the right vendors to ensure that your special day runs smoothly. This is the biggest step of the wedding planning guide as it covers everything from caterers, florists, cake makers, music DJs to entertainers and stylists. Contact the vendors that you think suit your wedding style. Discuss with your partner the prices and services being offered by the different vendors and if that works with your budget. Your wedding venue may also provide you with a list of vendors which can be a great place to start. However, don't be afraid to explore more options. Make sure to read reviews about the vendors online before bringing them on board.

Three to Five Months Before the Wedding

  • Finalize the theme
Get some inspirational wedding ideas online to help give you some clarity regarding what style of wedding is for you. You may choose a few colors or a specific theme like alpine, boho, classic, vintage, etc; or you could look at the latest trends, etc. It is important to choose a theme to base and plan your wedding around.

  • Design a wedding website and hashtag
Set up a wedding website based on the theme you have chosen. Make sure you include all the important wedding details of your big day such as date, venue, travel location, hashtag, accommodation, etc. You can also create a wedding hashtag to use on social media that will cover all your nuptial events like the bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, and wedding.

  • Determine your Bridal style
You can take inspiration and start researching online for your chosen bridal style! It can be easy to become overwhelmed with the multitude of wedding ideas that are out there. Create a Pinterest board or a visual collage with a collection of your thoughts to help you figure out what you like and what looks best on you. 

  • Purchase your wedding dress
As a bride, you would want to look beautiful and feel confident so it may take months for you to finalize the best fit and look for you. So don't wait until the last minute. At Bridal Breeze, we can help you find your high-quality dream wedding dress. We have a huge collection of breathtaking designs in different styles and silhouettes. The styles are so unique and passionately designed that you are surely going to love them!

  • Book hotel room blocks for your guests
It doesn't matter if you are planning a destination or a local wedding as there is a good chance that some of your guests will need a place to stay at night. We are sure that you’ve got the guest list ready by now and you’ll be aware of which guests are coming in from other towns. It would be a thoughtful gesture to make comfortable arrangements for their stay. Find out the hotels that offer the best hospitality and amenities to assure that your loved ones will enjoy their stay. Reserving a hotel room block for your guests will ensure that all of your guests are staying in the same vicinity. 

Two Months Before the Wedding

  • Send Wedding Invites
So it is time to make it official and let your loved ones know you are getting married. Typically, the wedding invites must be sent at least six to eight weeks before the day itself. Make sure to send Save the Date cards as soon as you book the venue to announce your event with an official invitation to follow. You can also send wedding reminders as inserts in your invite and have this information updated on the website too. 

One Month Before Wedding

  • Make it legal
Amidst all the planning and decisions on the theme, colors, and invites don't forget to take time to get your marriage license. Keep it in the back of your mind and research what you need to start with the process. Gather the necessary documents on time and remember the licenses are valid for only a couple of months so plan accordingly.

  • Plan your Honeymoon
You may be planning for your wedding day step by step, but do not forget to plan for your honeymoon too. If you are planning it for shortly after the wedding, you must put together an itinerary to explore the locations of your interest, visit travel agencies, and hotels.

Week Before the Wedding

  • Get Ready With Grooming
We are sure that you want to look your best on your special day. This is why it is imperative to groom yourself perfectly for the final run a week before the wedding. Get all sorts of treatments and indulgences booked and pamper yourself.

  • Follow up with Your Vendors
For the last time, give a call to all the vendors, management of the wedding venue, and everyone connected to the wedding planning. Check if everything is on point.

On the Day of the Wedding

Get Married!

So the big day has finally arrived. You along with your partner, family, and vendors have worked hard for this day. So enjoy every minute of it. We are sure the wedding planning guide we have shared will be helpful while you are organizing your special day. It can serve to give you an outline of what you need to think about. Use this checklist, and get everything ticked off in good time.

Wedding planning won’t be a tedious task if you move step by step through the process and share the responsibilities with your loved ones. You can mold these steps as per your requirements, but always remember to take a break and enjoy being engaged with your partner. When everything is done you can take some time off and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Weddings are one of life’s greatest experiences - so celebrate every moment of your most special day.