What jewelry should a bride wear

The bride-to-be has many important details to prepare for before the wedding day, not just selecting her wedding dress, bridal shoes, and bridesmaid’s attire. Choosing your bridal jewelry completes the entire bridal look. Photographs of you and your significant other will be displayed throughout many living spaces, including yours, relatives, and friends, as a constant reminder of your cherishable, one-of-a-kind moment. Your final wedding day will be forever imprinted in time as you relive the events of your exciting, momentous occasion through pictures and portraits.

Bridal jewelry will pull together your bridal attire, giving it a unique, finalized touch that is all your own. Express yourself with beautiful matching bridal jewelry sets or a single piece that is sure to get noticed, no matter how delicate or dainty. 

This article will guide you and offer some ideas on bridal jewelry styles perfectly suited for your wedding day and bridal dress type.

Drop Dangle Earrings: Exude Sophistication
Large, statement drop and dangle earrings are the ultimate selection for those who love a dose of glamour and decadence. Sparkling stones, including diamonds, create an air of elegance that captures attention with their fire and brilliance. Cubic zirconia, crystals, and other diamond synthetics are fantastic, socially conscious, budget-friendly alternatives to natural diamonds. Show off the confident, lavish appearance you desire with bridal dangle earrings!

Drop earrings wedding dress pairing suggestion: Drop earrings complement thin straps, strapless/bandeau tops, and off-the-shoulder top wedding dresses. Dangle earrings allow the attention to flow from your hairstyle to your earrings, then to your wedding dress, as each element blends in unison.

Dangle earrings most commonly feature French/Shepherd’s hooks and Omega backs to keep them in place for pierced ears. Don’t have pierced ears? Dangle earrings are also designed with secure clips on the back for non-pierced ears.

Simple Stud Earrings: Pure Timelessness
A pair of solitaire diamond studs, your birthstone studs, or your favorite gemstone stud earrings are the easiest way to complement any hairstyle for a wedding dress. A classic round stud, halo stud, or small cluster stone stud earring is effortless to mix and match because of its understated, clean lines. Enjoy a touch of color on your wedding day, if you dare! Blue sapphires are one of the most popular precious stones, providing a pop of rich shades of vibrancy.

Stud earrings wedding dress pairing suggestion: If you have a wedding dress with a lot of ornamental detail, solitaire studs are a great option. A pair of classic studs will bring attention to your ornate dress without detracting from its unique pattern and design. A pair of stud earrings will draw the eye to the entire bridal look with a small, sparkling touch.

Pearls: A Classic Choice
Pearls are spectacular, shimmering treasures from the sea, remarkable in luster, color, and shape. Enjoy a classic pearl strand necklace on your wedding day for its timeless style, perfect for those who love vintage and antique inspiration. Instantly elevate your wedding dress with a refined style featuring wondrous pearls. Pearl necklaces, studs, dangle earrings, and bracelets bring an air of grace, unlike other stones and gems.

Pearl wedding dress pairing suggestion: Wear pearls with any wedding or bridesmaid dress that doesn’t have other decorative applique detail, if desired. Pearls make a confident statement because they are so prized and precious. Pearls can complement pearls and lace on wedding dresses, seamlessly blending these elements.

Want a touch of color? Consider black Tahitian pearls or pink pearls. Faux or fake pearl synthetics are also readily available, appearing very similar to their natural counterparts in photos.

Statement Necklaces: Highlight Your Collarbone
Accentuate your decolletage with a stunning bridal necklace. Statement crystal necklaces on your wedding day give off princess royalty vibes, bringing the eye to their super glam patterns, gems, and decorative arrangements. A statement necklace filled with pearls, diamonds, rhinestones, and more, brings a jaw-dropping look that is divine.

Statement necklace wedding dress suggestion: Statement necklaces go great with any silhouette featuring thin straps, sweetheart necklines, v-necklines, capped sleeves, and spaghetti strap wedding dresses. Add the finishing touch to your simple wedding dress with a fascinating statement necklace.

Lightweight Layering Necklaces
If you are seeking a simple accessory for a summer wedding or winter wedding, consider lightweight layering necklaces. Shiny chains with small stones dangling throughout the front or just the center pendant provide an effortless, poised style for those who love delicate jewelry.

Layering necklace wedding dress pairing suggestion: wear lightweight necklaces with any collar for a lingering impression of personalized touch to your wedding dress. Vintage wedding dresses, strapless, or long-sleeved wedding dresses can be worn with minimalistic layering necklaces.

Hair Jewelry: Carefully Placing Hair Accessories in Your Bridal Hairstyle
Perfect for summer weddings, hair jewelry lends a bohemian-chic, carefree detail to your bridal hair updo. Pins with sparkling embellished accents, enameled flowers, or butterflies on the ends of the pin lend an ethereal, uplifting presence just in time for the warmer months and perfect for your outdoor wedding. Hair accessories are not just for long hair! Adorable, vintage barrettes for short hair are also an option.

Whimsical hair jewelry pieces fashioned into sweeping baby’s breath-inspired designs that can be woven into buns and twisted braids lend a lingering impression to your wedding theme. Headbands created to accentuate a veil also give off the same natural inspiration.

Bolder hairpins encrusted with substantial sparkling stones or crowns complete a stately, majestic style for your super-glam wedding dress. Bridal hair accessories featuring angelic fern leaf headbands or tendrils of luxurious chains that can be woven into the braids are just some of the styles available for those who crave extravagance. The style possibilities for hair accessories are endless. Hair jewelry has seen an uptake in popularity in recent years.

Bracelets: Matching Bridal Sets, Bangle Bracelets or Slender Layer Chains
Matching bridal jewelry sets often feature a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. These impressive jewelry sets are also called jewelry suites. Wear this matching bridal jewelry set together for an instant put-together style.

Bracelets by themselves make the perfect finishing touch to your look if you love bracelets! Bracelets always get noticed because they are on the wrist next to the bridal bouquet.

Bracelet wedding dress pairing suggestion: Bangle bracelets, tennis bracelets, and dainty bracelets are suitable for any wedding dress, including three-quarter sleeves, sleeveless, and long sleeve wedding dresses. Placing two matching bold bangles on the end of each long sleeve gives your dress a super-glam boost of luxury.