How to find the wedding dress that perfectly matches your body type

As the bride on your wedding day, you want to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable. Glamorous hair and makeup really helps to brighten up your day. Nevertheless, your dress is a big boost to the overall success.

In the quest to find the most flattering fit for your body type, it is crucial to learn how to dress your shape. Wearing the styles suggested on online forums and magazines isn’t the best way of finding a style that will look flattering on you.

Are you not sure what body type you have? Finding out isn’t that complicated. Just take accurate measurements of your height, hips, waist and bust. The ultimate perfect dress is the one that makes you feel the most beautiful. It brings out visual balance in your body while enhancing every incredible curve!

Wedding Dresses for Hourglass Shape

These dresses bring out your body as curvy. We say that you have an hourglass shape if you have roughly even hip and bust measurement, have a rounded bottom, a well-defined waist and a symmetric side and front profile.

Go for well-fitting dresses to accentuate your body line and your wonderful curves. Consider a halter top or V-neck for your neckline. Having a narrow neckline helps keep your look balanced by slimming down your bust. A low neckline naturally helps bring out your best features by drawing eyes to your narrow waist.

Find a wedding dress that fits properly and cinches at the waist. A ruched bodice with a trumpet skirt will sit perfectly with your figure. A drop waist dress won’t let you down either. Shapeless styles and straight-cut styles might not sit well with this body type.

Wedding Dresses for Pear Shape

Your body is pear shaped if: you have a well-defined waist, your hips have a defined curve, are somewhat narrower at your shoulders and bust in contrast to your hips and you have weight on your thighs and hips.

Treat your waist as your main focus. Since you have amazing curves, outline and emphasize them. You can do this with a plunging V-neckline that has a textured lace to enhance your look. If you are looking to enhance symmetry, go for a wedding gown whose bodice has some embellishment.

Fit and flare style, and A-line dresses are your best bet if your body type falls under this category. These skirt styled dresses skim your hip and bring out your natural waistline. The important thing is to get a wedding dress that you feel best represents you!

Wedding Dresses for Apple Shape

Apple shapes are usually proportionate, have some weight at the waistline, and may have narrower hips and broader shoulders.

The ideal wedding gown is one that diverts attention away from the upper body. For an instantaneously flattering look, try V-necklines which will divert attention to your waist. Gowns with crisscross surplice bodice will enhance your waistline. Also, go for skirts that feature some volume.

Flowy tunics and A-lines should fit you properly.

Wedding Dresses for Athletic Shapes

They are not as curvy, have slightly narrow hips and have fair weight distribution across the body. Athletic figures can be accentuated to bring out an hourglass effect. Dresses that are cinched at the waist or those that have draping can boost up the curves. Bringing in angles and swirls can help bring balance between your upper and lower body slightly enhancing your figure.

With this body type, you can easily have your wedding gown in halter dress style.

Some of the bridal shops do offer made-to-measure or customized wedding dresses. What do those mean?

Made-to-Measure dresses

A made-to-measure wedding (MTM) dress is one that is made to fit the bride’s unique body shape. The bridal stylist gives out a variety of wedding gown designs for you to choose from. Once you make a decision on the style that you wish to have your wedding dress in, your body measurements are taken and used to make a gown that fits you uniquely. This type of dress cannot be classified under standard sizes as it may feature unique sizes for both the upper and lower body. With this style, you are assured of saving money as there won’t be any alterations afterwards.

Customized Dress

You get to customize a particular design that you pick from a bridal stylist’s collection. Your wedding dress will be unique as you can alter the size and colors of the train, sleeves and basically any other detail that you would like changed.

There sure is a perfect wedding dress. You will feel radiant as soon as you put it on and know that it is definitely the one for you.