Tips when planning your destination weekend wedding

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How to Choose Your Wedding Date

The process for each couple varies when deciding on the wedding date. We know that each personality is different, which is usually a significant factor when choosing the final date. So, depending on what matters the most for the both of you, below are some things that can help you pinpoint the wedding date for your celebration of love. 

Pick a date that holds a special meaning 
Choosing a day with sentimental value for both of you can add so much more meaning to an already momentous occasion. You can select the date your grandparents or parents had their wedding, the date you first met each other, or even the date of your proposal. 

Celebrate a milestone by synchronizing it with your wedding
Why not choose a date that marks your 5th, 10th, 15th, etc., year together? Besides the convenience of celebrating two memorable events in your life on one special day, you will surely enjoy having the wedding date as your milestone marker.

Get married on the date of your ideal weather 
For some, they don't give too much emphasis on the date but the weather instead. Whether you love to have a wedding in the winter, summer, spring, or fall is up to you!

Make sure your date is an easy one to remember
We do know that some numbers hold too little significance to some couples that they tend to forget. Although it can be pretty impossible not to forget your wedding day, picking a number that is easy to remember will help. 

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Wedding Date FAQs

We guarantee that the first thing people will ask you once you get engaged is - when's the wedding? You might want to rush things and decide on the first number that pops into your mind, but here are some of the questions you'll need to ask yourself before doing so.

How much time and preparation will you need to make your dream wedding a reality?
Whether you're going for an intimate wedding or a big one, preparation will always be needed to turn it into a reality. You will need to schedule your big day based on the amount of time that you'll need. So pick the most comfortable date to meet all your timelines to avoid the stress of rushing everything. 

What are the most convenient wedding dates for you and your guests?
Yes, your guests are also included when deciding. If you have some people you would want to witness your marriage at all costs - then you might want to check their availability first before finalizing your date. Find out which ones are the most convenient for both of you.

What are the pros and cons of scheduling wedding dates on holidays?
Picking a holiday to have your special day can make your celebration more fun since most people are already in a festive mood. The advantage of this is that most of your guests won't need to take a day out of work to be at your event. On the flip side, some guests may have a scheduled holiday trip that day, so best to inform them early to avoid this. It is best to weigh out the pros and cons to know if a holiday wedding is for you.

Pros of Holiday Weddings

Guest won't need to take a leave off from work
Your guests have more flexibility to attend your wedding since they are mostly not working during the holidays. This is why the most popular months for weddings are those with holidays.

Save on decorations
Depending on the holiday and your chosen reception, you may spend less on the decoration already since they already have one in place.

Depending on the holiday, you can save more
Some reception venues give great deals during the holidays. Not only that, depending on the holiday, some vendors provide services in bundles as these are usually the moments where they offer special offers to celebrate with the customers. Consider a wedding date in such months. 

Cons of Holiday Weddings

Conflict on your guests' schedule
It is best to avoid family-oriented holidays because there's a big chance that they already have something scheduled for that holiday. Although they are most likely not working, there are just some commitments they can't miss out on - it can be an annual out-of-the-country trip with their family or a family holiday tradition.

Holiday traffic and delays
Expect this. If you have your wedding in the city or a popular destination place, the place will be swarming with vacationers, which will cause traffic and delays on you and your guest's part. Plan and adjust your timelines accordingly. Also, let your guests be aware of the situation as well, so they can prepare. 

Some holidays may cost more
A lot of people celebrate on holidays, so you'll have to compete with other events for hotels, receptions, and services. Because of the demand, the cost gets higher. Make sure that you choose a holiday where you can get the value of what you are paying for. 

What are the least and most popular months for weddings?
Depending on the geographical location, the most famous date for marriage in the US is in October to early November. However, the most popular months for weddings range from May to October. Some couples tend to avoid colder and rainy months, which can cause some inconvenience. Although with the proper preparation and planning, getting married these days can also be magical.

Another thing you should plan - your bridal dress!

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Tips for Picking Your Wedding Dress

Now that you've chosen your wedding date, another main decision you should make as a bride is picking your wedding dress. There are a lot of bridal shops out there, but if you're after unique and good-quality dresses in European designs, then here are some tips on how to pick the right one!

Set a budget and find a dress that fits it
You will need to allocate enough budget for your dream wedding dress and STICK to it. Be real about your budget as well. That way, you can avoid getting your heart broken when you fall in love with a dress you can't afford. Don't worry! We are a wedding boutique shop in the SF bay area that offers unique designer dresses at reasonable prices! You will indeed be leaving with a happy heart when you shop here!

Decide on the style that reflects who you are
We know how significant a wedding dress is. It signifies another chapter in your life, and you would want to make it as personal as possible. This is why you should decide on a style that best reflects who you are and your journey. 

Look for a bridal boutique that offers what you need
Do you want to have a personalized bridal shopping experience? Do you prefer to have a customized bridal dress at reasonable prices? Do you dream of having a European-designed wedding dress? If so, our authentic bridal boutique can provide everything that you need. 

Look for a wedding boutique that will offer you unique premium quality dresses created by gifted designers and will provide a personal shopping experience for you. It will also be great if this includes a private 90-minute bridal fitting and the option to customize any bridal dresses that you prefer. 

There you have it! We hope that we have made it easier for you to decide on your wedding date and even with your bridal dress. Remember to take it easy and enjoy the process! 

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