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2274 Union street,
San Francisco,
CA 94123, USA

To create unique wedding dresses and offer them to the US market. Only the best fabrics and silky linens to ensure the premium quality of our bridal dresses.

We work with extraordinarily gifted European designers

All dresses in boutique can be customized

Price range from $900 - 2800.
Our mission at Bridal Breeze is very simple - we want to help you find a dress that reflects who you are.
The dress that will be all about you and the journey that brought you to this point, when you are ready to open the next chapter of your life and create a family with your special someone.

At Bridal Breeze we pay a lot of attention to creating
a unique shopping experience, where you can be yourself and get all the support you need. We take the stress out of bridal shopping so that you could focus on what matters - finding the dress that will make you feel your best on your wedding day.
Hello, my beautiful brides! My name is Marina, and I am the founder of Bridal Breeze. Before I pursued my true passion, I worked for an enterprise in software sales for years. But since starting my own company and helping all those clients find their perfect dress - I couldn't be happier and more fulfilled! There is something magical when brides see their reflection when they have found their wedding gown!

Some everyday life facts about me:

I am a cat mom and a travel junkie! My wanderlust has led me to visit over 35 countries, and of course, I want to explore even more. Give me all the mountains, beaches, museums, cathedrals, culture delights, everything! Although I must admit, my heart has always been taken by the beauty of jungles. There is something about them that makes me feel free… makes me feel alive! They help me reconnect with my true self, that wild and feminine nature.

I am also a ballet enthusiast and I am completely enchanted by the art of this dance. The graceful esthetics, the breeziness that feels as light as a feather… Actually, this is how the name of Bridal Breeze was born! Even though I started taking ballet classes for adults recently, my feet are protesting - I swear it looks easier than it is!
Hello, my name is Victoria, but you can call me Viku! My role here is doing digital marketing, so whenever you see Bridal Breeze on the internet - how it is presented; that is me working my magic!

Some facts about me:

Well, I have a secret superpower… but it is safe to share it with you, right?! My superpower is dancing freestyle and hip hop choreography! To be honest, dancing has literally changed my life and constantly helps me show and express my feelings. It helps me translate my emotions to people, and to everyone that wants to see something different. By the way, I am also skating but it is not really my superpower, but it has been my helpful asset when it comes to the really crazy way to reach the Bridal Breeze location in San Francisco.
Hi, I am Philipp and I presently do the SMM at Bridal Breeze. That means all the visual content that you see on our Instagram is created by me. To be frank, I love my job because I get to entwine the vision of brides to our goals and services, making sure that we represent every single one of their needs. That being said, our Insta must always portray the true passion of our brand and team!

A few facts about me:

In my everyday life, I love collecting vinyl records - my passions are jazz and soul! Besides working on my collection, I adore traveling to small cities to find local arts. The world is in the hands of our youth, so discovering great art from young and ambitious people is what truly inspires me. Maybe at some point in my life, I will organize an exhibition that will be called «In a room full of art, I'd still look at you».
Hi! My name is Mary and I am a bridal stylist here at Bridal Breeze. It is my honor to help you find your dream gown and realize your wedding vision!

Fun facts about me:

When I am home, I just love designing and making costumes. Not only I studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, but I also love applying this knowledge for my personal hobbies as well as my work! So, basically, I am a creative free spirit with a bit of a nerdy side and an everlasting smile on my face. Okay, here's a fun (and a bit weird) fact about me: I am totally and utterly obsessed with my cat Edwin! So, if you ever see me in the store, you'll notice me decked out with cat decals - on my phone, purse, wallet, and mask. That being said, I will proudly show pictures of my lovely cat to anyone that asks.

But finding "the One" when it comes to gowns is definitely my passion, and cannot wait to meet you! I am so excited to help you discover the dress that will show your unique beauty, so see you soon!