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As the founder of Bridal Breeze, I couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled since starting my own company helping clients find their perfect wedding dress. There is something magical when brides see their reflection when they have found "the one"! I am a cat mom and a travel junkie! My wanderlust has led me to visit over 35 countries, and I want to explore even more mountains, beaches, museums, cathedrals, culture delights, jungles — everything to help me reconnect with my true self and get in touch with my wild and feminine nature. I am also a ballet enthusiast and am completely enchanted by the art of it — the graceful esthetics, the breeziness that feels as light as a feather… Actually, this is how the name of Bridal Breeze was born! Even though I started taking ballet classes for adults recently, my feet are protesting — I swear it looks easier than it is!
When you see Bridal Breeze presented on the internet, that’s me working my magic in my role as digital marketer! My superpower is dancing freestyle and hip hop choreography! Dancing changed my life and helps me show and express my feelings. It helps me translate my emotions to people, and to everyone who wants to see something different. I also skate, which has been my helpful asset when it comes to having a really crazy way to reach the Bridal Breeze location in San Francisco.
I love my job as SMM director (visual content on Instagram) at Bridal Breeze because I get to entwine the vision of brides with our goals and services, making sure that we represent every single one of their needs. It is my passion that our Insta always portrays the true passion of our brand and team! I love collecting vinyl records — my favorites are jazz and soul! Besides working on my collection, I adore traveling to small cities to find local art and discover local artists. Discovering great art from young and ambitious people is what truly inspires me.
As a bridal stylist at Bridal Breeze, it is my honor to help you find your dream gown and realize your wedding vision! When I am home, I design and make costumes. I studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, but I also love applying this knowledge to my personal hobbies as well as to my work! I am a creative free spirit with a bit of a nerdy side and an everlasting smile on my face. I am totally and utterly obsessed with my cat Edwin! If you ever see me in the store, you’ll notice me decked-out with cat decals and I will proudly show pictures of my lovely cat to anyone who asks. Helping brides find "the one" when it comes to gowns is definitely my passion, and I can’t wait to meet you! I’m excited to help you discover the dress that will show your unique beauty.
I am your consultant here at Bridal Breeze. When you enter the shop, I will accommodate you comfortably, pour you a glass of champagne, and we will start your bridal fitting with a small conversation. During this conversation, I will ask you a lot of questions, which I will use to help you find "the one." In my everyday life, I am the mama of a beautiful 5-year-old princess. She actually already knows what dress she will be wearing on her wedding day :-) We do have one more princess in our family, and her name is Emma, an absolutely adorable French bulldog, and sometimes you will see her in our shop. Your doggy is absolutely welcome as well if you would like to have him or her there. I’m addicted to baking cookies, macarons, cakes, brownies — I love them all, and if you are ever looking for a new recipe for the perfect carrot cake, just let me know.
As the person responsible for performance marketing at Bridal Breeze, I execute all promotion activities in social media and online searches. It is my sincere hope that you find the very dress you have always dreamed of. From the first minute I wake up, I turn the music on because I’m addicted to it! I feel confident with my favorite music. Not so long ago, I found a new hobby, a very unexpected one for me, and crocheting is my new passion. Every free minuteI get, I spend creating hats, panamas, and bags from raffia. I hope someday I can create my own little brand.